What Is Dermaplaning, And Is It Good For The Skin?

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Do you wish to revitalize your face’s appearance by removing unsightly peach fuzz? Do you wish there was a treatment that didn’t require any rest afterward? Cosmetic Med Spa may have the solution you’re seeking: dermaplaning. This beauty treatment has many advantages, including rapid exfoliation and clearer pores. Plus, it helps your skin out, which is always a plus.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a kind of exfoliation in which the top layer of dead skin is scraped off the face with a surgical scalpel. In addition to removing surface dead skin cells, the shave removes the fine vellus hairs, called peach fuzz. This method of exfoliation, often known as a “scalpel facial,” encourages the growth of new skin cells, bringing fresh skin to the surface. Patients are left with a fresher, younger look without the need for painful injections or prolonged recovery.

How Your Skin Can Benefit From Dermaplaning

This treatment’s ability to offer patients a more refreshed look is often considered a significant benefit. The patient’s facial skin takes on a younger, even texture and exudes an air of calmness and contentment. However, there are additional advantages to getting a dermaplaning, some of which align with what you may anticipate from far more intense facial treatments.

Renews Your Skin

This treatment rejuvenates the skin by removing damaged cells and encouraging the growth of healthy new ones. Hyperpigmentation, or the darker areas that might occur on the skin, fades. Overall, the skin looks healthier and more radiant. Skin roughness is diminished, and the patient’s overall complexion is improved.

Less Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The proliferation of new skin cells also aids in the prevention of premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Reduces Peach Fuzz

While many seek dermaplaning for their skin-renewing benefits, they may need to learn that this therapy also effectively reduces the peach fuzz that bothers many patients. You might not think that tiny hairs make a difference, but you’ll be pleasantly pleased with how much better you look after they’re gone. Your skin will look great, and your face will radiate health. After treatment, many comments that their face feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. This procedure is beneficial because it eliminates coarse, visible hair and delicate, inconspicuous vellus hair.

Improved Skincare Routine You Can Do at Home

Use your best serums, moisturizers, and other components of your at-home skincare routine in the first few days after treatment. Because your pores and skin are clear and hairless, you’ll get the most out of the treatments. In addition to the medical care you received here, our facials and other cosmetic therapies are highly beneficial in the immediate post-treatment period.

The Application of Makeup Will Be a Breeze

Once your face is free of peach fuzz and dead skin cells, applying makeup will be a breeze. You’ll spend less time applying makeup in the morning and look better once you’re done. Have you ever noticed how, after using powder and foundation, the finest facial hairs seem to sprout and stand proud? After this procedure, you can stop worrying about how those stray hairs look.

Minimized Pore Size

The debris, oils, and dead skin cells clogging your pores will be washed away as a result of this facial treatment. After being thoroughly cleansed, facial pores will give the impression of being much less noticeable. Pore size is inversely proportional to age, which helps you look younger.

Reduces Acne

Acne patients and those with acne scars from prior breakouts can benefit from dermaplaning. Even though this treatment isn’t suggested for people with active breakouts, it can help prevent future outbreaks by clearing out your pores and removing the oils and grime that might become trapped in facial hair. The redness caused by acne scars might also be reduced with this treatment. Also, because it removes dead skin and hair from the face, it can help acne treatments work better.

Soft And Calming

Shaving your face with a knife may sound scary, but the experience is soothing and delightful. No harsh chemicals are used, and the patient’s skin is not irritated in any way during this procedure. Facials performed with a scalpel are painless and safe for all skin tones and kinds.


There is no recovery time required, and the process is quick and straightforward. In most cases, you will only need to block out an hour for your appointment, and you’ll be able to resume your day immediately afterward. This service is so popular that many people fondly refer to it as a “lunchtime facial” because many clients schedule their appointments during their lunch break.

Should You Consider Dermaplaning?

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their skin’s appearance and health by removing peach fuzz, fine wrinkles, and pimples. Patients unable to undergo more invasive treatments may benefit from this service because of its soft and noninvasive nature. 

Some people, including pregnant women, those with susceptible skin, and those who are allergic to the chemicals used in other procedures, may do better with dermaplaning.

Treatment Experience

First, we’ll wash your face with a solution to help open your pores. We will gently scrape your face with a 45-degree-angled blade made of surgical steel during the procedure. To work on the various regions of your face, your skin will be pulled taut. The dermaplaning process is entirely painless and requires no anesthesia. Many people who have tried it compare it to the feeling of shaving their legs in the shower with a manual razor. When the blade lightly brushes against your face, it may make a faint whispering sound.

The skin is lightly scraped during this procedure to give the illusion of injury. This injury signal causes the skin to begin producing collagen and renewing cells, giving many patients the appearance of younger, healthier skin.


To get a more youthful look, it is only sometimes necessary to resort to unnecessary cosmetic invasive procedures.

You may reverse the effects of time with our aid thanks to our cutting-edge rejuvenation treatments that will bring out your natural beauty without giving away the fact that you’ve had any work done. We’ve done our job well if your loved ones will compliment your newfound beauty without being able to put their finger on the procedures you underwent.

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